Can we take a moment and imagine the scenario of when Oliver finally has had ENOUGH and can’t handle not having Felicity anymore & desperately expresses his feelings to her?

Like DUDE…. Can you imagine that moment?!


"From the moment I saw you, I knew"

"They all…

It will touch on the romantic side but just like Oliver can’t really be available right now to her, I can’t really either and for other reasons. Unlike Oliver, I am in love with somebody else.
—Grant Gustin, TV Guide (x)

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DAMN YOU CAPTAIN!! Why you gotta be such a tease??!!

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im following anyone that reblogs this.

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doing this as an experiment then deleting this post at the end of summer.

Hoping to be following over 10,000 blogs by the end of august :)

I always have.

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I think they’re going to get deeper and richer this season. We’re not known for treading water on our show, so things will escalate, probably faster than people expect, as always. With whom is always the question. But we feel really good about what’s happening this year. When it’s the right time to do something, we do it, and we feel like, not just with Oliver, but with all the characters, we’re really starting them off in the right place.
—Andrew Kreisberg (with Comic Book Resources) answering the questions: Oliver’s love life has always been interesting. Where are his romantic relationships going this season?

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